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Using social networks, SEO, and content marketing together is a good practice

What do you think of when you think of SEO?

It used to be this mysterious thing . You’d write your articles, then “SEO” them for greater success (as if SEO were a verb), hoping against hope that they’d move up the search engine result page. Then the uber cool and hip people came into town with this thing called content marketing that was ever so much more sophisticated and white hat, as opposed to the black hat techniques they assumed were used by SEO experts.

(Incidentally, if you’re still thinking SEO something you “do” to your article,” read on!)

With the transition to content marketing, it’s easy to think that the two are somehow mutually exclusive. That SEO and content marketing are two opposed activities.

And honestly – that’s garbage, as is the idea that SEO is a verb – something that you “do” to your article.

Here’s the thing. Using social networks, SEO, and content marketing together is more of a wholistic, step by step, synergistic process than it is something you do to information. It happens when you write interesting material that is relevant to your audience. You write it in such a way contextually that it naturally gives signals to search engines that your site is useful, relevant, and authoritative.

Together – social networks, content marketing, and SEO are three parts of a whole marketing strategy online that together, have amazing potential to build your business.

But these days, it’s not just about building and growing your brand.

Honestly – it’s also about staying open! You see, the idea that any of these pieces is just a fad is absolutely mistaken, and could have dire consequences for your organization! Look at it this way – your audience is online. When they are looking for any new product or service, what’s the first thing that they’re going to do? They’re going to “google it!” They’re going to look for more information or for someone who sells your product or service using the power of a search engine (most likely Google, but occasionally others as well).

By Elizabeth Maness



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