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The best managers are always those who have the ability

The best managers are always those who have the ability to lead their team by personal example. It is one of the hardest skills to master – but get it right and the results will be well worth all the effort.

When you look at a team or a group from the outside it’s easy to spot the difference between an inspirational leader and one who has to rely on using strong-arm tactics.

If a manager is constantly having to check on people’s work and is chase his or her staff, then it is a sure sign that something is going wrong.

A good manager will have a fully committed group of people behind him or her who understand the importance of working together as a unit towards a shared goal and aims.

To get to that position the very best managers need to be able to inspire those around them and the only way to do that is to lead to by example.

In any walk of life and in any sector one of the first things a good manager should do is to demonstrate that they fully understand the skills and expertise needed to carry out the work. That is not the same as the manager rolling up their sleeves and doing the task themselves, it’s simply about fully understanding the work and how people should go about it.

Secondly, the best leaders will expect commitment and hard work from their staff but they also have to demonstrate the same level of dedication. If you are expecting people to go that extra mile for you then you have to be with them every step of way.

Good communication should also be at the heart of everything a good manager does. The very best leaders are the ones who can describe clearly to their team members exactly what is expected from them.

Communication is always a two way process which means as well as expressing yourself, if you want to win over staff then you have to be able to listen to people and take on board their views and opinions.

For a team to function properly everyone needs to know they will receive the same kind of treatment. There should always be a level playing field, and if you have favourites then you will be asking for trouble and cannot expect any kind of loyalty in return.

Finally and perhaps most importantly of all, one of the key qualities when it comes to leadership is the ability to be decisive under pressure. Leadership is all about making decisions and sticking to those decisions. When a crisis comes along one of the worst things you can do is doing nothing at all.

Not everyone will make the right decision every time but appearing indecisive at critical moments can fatally undermine your position as a leader.

Inspiration is not all about making great speeches and being a tough taskmaster. It is more about leading from the front and showing your true mettle when it matters the most.

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far north media, alaska, seo, social media consultanting

Using social networks, SEO, and content marketing together is a good practice

What do you think of when you think of SEO?

It used to be this mysterious thing . You’d write your articles, then “SEO” them for greater success (as if SEO were a verb), hoping against hope that they’d move up the search engine result page. Then the uber cool and hip people came into town with this thing called content marketing that was ever so much more sophisticated and white hat, as opposed to the black hat techniques they assumed were used by SEO experts.

(Incidentally, if you’re still thinking SEO something you “do” to your article,” read on!)

With the transition to content marketing, it’s easy to think that the two are somehow mutually exclusive. That SEO and content marketing are two opposed activities.

And honestly – that’s garbage, as is the idea that SEO is a verb – something that you “do” to your article.

Here’s the thing. Using social networks, SEO, and content marketing together is more of a wholistic, step by step, synergistic process than it is something you do to information. It happens when you write interesting material that is relevant to your audience. You write it in such a way contextually that it naturally gives signals to search engines that your site is useful, relevant, and authoritative.

Together – social networks, content marketing, and SEO are three parts of a whole marketing strategy online that together, have amazing potential to build your business.

But these days, it’s not just about building and growing your brand.

Honestly – it’s also about staying open! You see, the idea that any of these pieces is just a fad is absolutely mistaken, and could have dire consequences for your organization! Look at it this way – your audience is online. When they are looking for any new product or service, what’s the first thing that they’re going to do? They’re going to “google it!” They’re going to look for more information or for someone who sells your product or service using the power of a search engine (most likely Google, but occasionally others as well).

By Elizabeth Maness



Gone Fishin

This time of year in Alaska is my favorite! It’s not the beautiful weather that brings every Alaskan and their brother down to Kenai on the Alaska Peninsula. Because the weather in Alaska is very elusive. Just when you think the summer is gonna be rainy and cold only topping 50°.. And it turns out to be almost 6 weeks of pure sunshine and a steady 75°! In Alaska many events bring us Alaskans out to gather in one place.. I’ve shared our winter camping Arctic Man stories. Paxon becomes the 3rd largest city in Alaska..
Oh, but when the salmon are running in the Kenai river the old saying “Gone Fishin” is hung on everydoor! Summer is when the family can take advantage of the great outdoor living that Alaska’ nature and wildlife provides..








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Content Marketing Delivery Could Be The Make It or Break It Moment

We hear it all the time, read it on every marketing blog and in every advertising magazine. When it comes to buyers, your success is dependent on how effective your business’s content is in driving awareness, engagement and profits. On average B2B marketers spend 28% of their overall budget on content marketing (Tweet this stat!), according to research from B2B Marketing. Content marketing can drive brand awareness, quality leads, and boost customer engagement. Content marketing can’t be ignored because it’s what buyers want throughout the purchase process. In the B2B space, your content marketing delivery could be the make it or break it moment.

Let’s take a look at what the B2B Marketing study found and what your business can take away.

How Others Make It

From allocating the right amount of budget to measuring content marketing ROI, marketers often like to see what their competitors are doing both successfully and unsuccessfully. An in-depth competitive analysis can help your business be more successful. What the B2B Marketing study found is that content marketing budgets vary widely, but top challenges and objectives remain consistent. Main challenges faced by B2B marketers include measuring ROI, generating leads and getting internal buy-in. Some of the top content objectives include brand positioning, demand generation and audience engagement.

66% of respondents reported spending less than 31% of their overall marketing budgets on content marketing. Only 8% spend in excess of 71% of their budgets on content specifically. 2% of marketers spend between 91-100% of their budget on content.
When asked how content impacts sales 14% of the survey respondents said they saw a significant increase in sales with content marketing (Tweet this stat!), followed by 42% who saw a slight increase and 15% who saw no increase. Perhaps the most surprising number here is that 29% said they didn’t know how content marketing affected their sales figures.
On average, B2B marketers spend about 37% of their day on content marketing. (Tweet this stat!)

How You Can Break It

It isn’t just about doing some competitive analysis; it’s about taking insight gained from that analysis and turning it around to make changes in your business that lead to greater success. Make consumer-centric content to break away from your competitors. Only 1% of the B2B Marketing study respondents said content marketing was of little or no more important. This means 99% of your competitors are likely using different forms of content to reach your same audience. Here’s four steps you can take to break away.

While the most-used content types include press releases and blog posts, your business would be better off if it focused on the most-effective types of content: case studies, white papers and videos.
Make content marketing a company-wide focus. 43% of respondents expressed that content marketing is critically important, but getting buy-in is a big challenge. Content marketing is important so make sure it’s a focus, from sales follow-up emails to content-driven Facebook ads.
Enable sales with the content they need to close. The right content, delivered at the right time, can lead to an increase in sales and it’s up to marketing teams to make sure sales teams have what they need readily available.
Test and measure which content is the most successful, and on what platform, for lead generation. Demand generation and determining ROI may be top challenges, but by measuring your efforts, your team can optimize content and ads as well as its presence on various platforms.

Content marketing is critical to your business’s success as consumers become more empowered and seek out information that can help them make better decisions when it comes to running their business. Inbound marketing, through content marketing, is how businesses can attract and retain customers for the long-term. Focus on making your marketing and sales team content-driven and delivering the types of content that are most effective. Then, measure and optimize your efforts.